i really dont wanna write anything but you know the impact of it all.





uhhhhh transmorphers.

so transformers 2. THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL that only really took 600 days to see after the first one premiered last night and i got my ticket to cinetopia. I got the last ticket out of 251 after i traded my other ticket which was in a different theatre at cinetopia so i could sit with my friends. IT was packed. Every room was sold out and i made dereks friend holli sneak in candy. we got kicked out of the line earlier because we couldnt have green teas in line even though we were waiting for 3 hours for the movie premiered.

anyways,we got in,dereks "gal friend" got me candy,i ate all there popcorn, i got really thirsty and i was in a row with like 100 kids who were a grade below me. Eugene B was sitting next to me and he was my go to guy for whatever the hell was happening on screen cause really,i only knew like 8 transformers and there was 47 in the movie. The movie starts and the trailers begin. After a few good trailers NEW MOON comes on and i yell WOOOO and literally 247 people,excluding my friends all look at me and start booing and yelling at me and i heard someone call me names.

I woulda fought them though, but i kept my cool and the movie played.
i wont ruin anything for you but its 2 and half hours of just explosions and hot chicks and robots. The visuals were amazing, the story not so much. But as a summer blockbuster and a michael bay film, it was made just for entertainment and i found it rather entertaining.

I found it funny though that the only thing i could think about the first hour of the movie was how un-realistic his college was. THeres no way there would be that many slutty, yet good looking girls in his astronomy class and i guess i just hate that cliche. His parents were really funny in the movie and the robots were sick and i liked that optimus wasnt such a pussy in this as he was in the first. HE HELLA OWNED some robots. I give it a 6.5 out of 10 but i recommend seeing it atleast once because the visuals are amazing and megan fox was pretty good looking but shes no emily browning.

but yeeea,its worth seeing.

also,i wrote a review over at first showing.net and im the tenth comment. READ ALL thE HAtE MAiL towards me after i commented. its hella funny.


ima get outta bed,eat some apples and go skate!



Thanks to my friend william from the beavertron area i saw this preview of A skate documentary fuel did back in march and i wish i had fuel tv to watch it but im sure some day ill see it.its probably online but i'm to lazy to look for it right of at this moment. it looks tight though and this is just another reason why portland is amazing.

Rip City Trailer from Milan Spasic on Vimeo.

Rip City | Webisode No.1 from Milan Spasic on Vimeo.

Rip City | Webisode No.2 from Milan Spasic on Vimeo.

im back i guess

i deleted my blog cause this shit was getting retarted. people kept bitching about what i had to stay,the one person to get me to start blogging stopped being my friend cause i didnt go to some hipster show and he acted like a little kid and now i guess were not friends.people are immature but i am back i guess to bring you news and stupid videos about skating,movies,and everyday life. if you hate what i say,which is weird to me,then i guess just say it. if you like it,then tell me to keep writing.alot of people said i shouldnt of stopped writing this so i guess im back and ill keep everyone updated as long as people like reading it.

so far in my life since i deleted this...
i lost a friend due to his immaturity, i still cant find a job,i still live at home but things seem like they could be good. i just need a good break and eventually my life will go as planned.if theres anything ive learned these last few months is that i know who my real friends are and i dont have to deal with fake friends.its ironic though,im still friends with everyone else but james,nothings changed no one else hates me.hes just being dumb i guess. shiiit happens,people move on,we were two different people and our attitudes and opinions always collided so i guess its a good thing. what evs. i really only thought about bringing this back because i read perez hilton got beaten up by WILL.I.AM.'S security guards for calling will.i.am. a faggot.which is funny to me cause he would say that. i wrote a blog 2 posts ago about how i didnt like perez and people were mad at me. idk why all i said was my opinion and they brought there opinions in it and it was stupid but thats james alby for you. now alot of musicians wanna punch perez and now i just feel kinda bad for him but not really.

i hope people start reading this and ill assure you that ill bring you more stuff to read.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)