im just guessing

but i think LEVI BROWN is the newest pro for element.

i guess we find out tommorow.
while im on youtube ill post vids i like very much

i hate bloggin',no one reads this.
but maybe if i wrote stuff they would
oh well.
its still gay.


i wanna smack Perez Hilton in the face because if i punched him,then im a woman beater.

fuck Perez Hilton.
hes such a hypocrite.
Pretty much he called a girl a cunt on his stupid ass website after he was a judge at the Miss America(not that i watched it...) because she was asked by him if gay marriage should be legal since he was one of the judges.
she said no,and that it should be between a man or a woman.
this is America,we can say what we want,so why did she end up losing?
because of her answer and his "feelings"were hurt.

DO i agree with her answer. Yes and NO. she shouldnt have to lie to try and win.She was perfectly honest and for that,she should have been acknowledged for speaking her mind . I actually dont really care,if you wanna be gay and get married,go for it. It'll probably suck like alot of dysfunctional marriages but it is probably really cool to if your significant other is the one you truely love.
so why not get married?
marriage shouldnt be between man or woman, marriage is based on love and love is between humans.
go for it,i honestly have nothing against it.
I believe in God and i highly doubt your gonna burn in hell just because you like another dude,who cares,that means there more girls in the world for womanizers and polygamists...which deserve to go to hell.so maybe i'm completely contradicting myself.
oh well.
im a hypocrite.
we all are.
And if your a girl who likes other girls,now you can be friends with both sexes.
im sure lesbians are hella sweeeet cause they could help you get a girlfriend and at the same time play xbox and watch basketball with you.

If i ever meet perez,which i'm highly sure i will someday,ill call him out on everything he says. Hes a nobody,hes just a former really fat gay guy who is semi-fat now who sat on his computer all day and talked shit about people. Why do people read it?
But then again,who honestly reads this.
Were all hypocrites and we all speak our mind but we should'nt be called names or lose things just because of our own beliefs.
was it right? probably not
but neither was the question being asked.

its my opinion but i honestly dont like him.

Atleast the girl who lost is making alot more headlines then the chick who won who is from north carolina
i watch too much news!
im turning old.
oh wells

today was a good day,woke up at 2:30
went to my old work with adan and nick.
saw some old co-workers
went to the park
went to maple crest box where nick did a sick noseslide down the hubba
came back to the park
played streetball and beat adan at skate and one on one
ICELAND straight murdered MEXICO
all in all
a good day
blazers party thingy majig at fat jamos tommorow night!!!

even if he doesnt want you too come.

p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s i just edited this,im not going to jamos.
im going to dan deacon at the wonderballroom with nick lund and james.



new post like a week late.i suck.who cares

frostons on the sw00sh?
i guess it makes sense.
he is a giant celeb in the business,nike can pay him alot more.
its cool i guess,but in a way im kinda sad about it.i love nike sb but there just getting to big.sigh,ill probably start skating vans again or maybe try etnies.i guess ill see what happens.you never know,he could just be testing them out to see how he likes em but by the look of it,it seems official.
if you look in the way back too,i think its compton.

compton from eriKeating on Vimeo.
this is him,i filmed this in november.
it was tight.

damn,lately ive been feeling really depressed.the sun is out,well not right now,its actually cold and cloudy but the last few days it was sunny and i just layed around miserable.i dont try to be,but im just stressed.
im trying to go to school this july,i have no job,i need a cosigner,my mums in alabama,i keep getting hurt skating,i feel like i broke my thumb,gta is pissing me off because it froze and didnt save a mission and i flipped out.
gosh,so much dumb stuff.
i also watched Begotten and since then i went down this spiral of depression.
its fkcin twisted and depressing.
i dare you to watch the first 10 minutes.
it makes cup chicks look like a romantic comedy.
its not that its gross,which it kind of is,but its more just visually disturbing.

pretty much god kills himself with a straightrazor,mother earth pops out of him and pretty much gets his child juice in a particular fashion and impreganates herself and gives birth to what is supposed to be jesus.He is born into a desolate world of depression and death and theres cannibals running amok.
:) cool right?
fuck no.


watch it,and tell me what you honestly felt like when you watched it.

its just weird

well,im trying to be happier.
im not "emo"
im just going through a semi-mid-life crisis at 20 and soon ill be in la going to school so i shouldnt worry.
i just wish i didnt have to wait.
oh wells.

p.s. im goin on a mofkcin grapefruit diet.

p.s.s. im on twitter if you didnt know.but i doubt you kids care:?
:?equals question mark face.he looks confused.?

p.s.s.s. james,ill give u your dang polaroid when i go to the park next.ma bad.


so the whole point of a blog

is to update it daily.
i am gonna start doing that.
ill talk about my day and give you my opinions on things daily.
that is my promise to you,the reader,the few of you.lolz.tell your friends.gosh.

pretty much, i woke up at 2:30,watched pti,took a shower,laid in bed,skated my curb,ate some tacos,and now im watching the mariners game and the blazers game because there only one channel from eachother.pretty much today was a waste,but tommorow im waking up early and skating with james and nick hopefully.james will have his camera,ill steal my sisters,and we will see what happens.
tommorow i will have a better post.

ima make a 51 things in my room response video later tonight.
it seems to be a cool thing online.

congrats ken griffey
thats a record
most homeruns with one team.

sports in general.
shiiiiit,the northwest in general.
to bad im moving to la.


kostons off lakai.weeiiiird

im guessing podiums making a new shoe company or hes creating a shoe for crailtap
thats my guess
yeah,i guess we will see what happens.
i stole this from all the riders on lakai cause im really bored and its rainy outside.

Arizona green tea
Blazers are winning the nba title this year
Cheaters is on tv right now
Du's teriyaki chicken is the greatest meal ever.

Escape from new york pizza is the best pizza ever.

Fixie bikes...RIP my old one :(
Hopefully i can get a job
Iceland/Ireland is my heritage
Je t'aime
Los Angeles is where i want to be
Mountain Dew
New york film academy
Quilting seems fun.

Red version of pokemon
Tokyo!is coming out on dvd soon!
Vampires movies are dumb besides Let the right one.

Will die,Dinosaurs


new five fav's

im to lazy too write aboot anything
so just watch and talk about how gay they are when were both on myspace.