This is the exact opposite of how i feel.

I havent had a good day since i graduated high-school it seems like and every day is monotonous and depressing. My best friend moved, i can't find a job, i dont have a car, i dont skate with anyone anymore cause people have there own lives and friends, i have no money and i have to give up a 10,000 dollar grant cause my dad and step mom dont want to help me out in school.

I have alot of bad luck it seems like and every day gets worst.
Yet i have more faith in God and i honestly dont know why.

God is supposed to help and give you guidance in tough times and i haven't been in touch with him since i was 18, yet i get on my roof every night and i know theres more to life than this just by looking at stars.

Sounds dumb but thats how i feel, im just super bummed out right now.

Eh, i would hope things get better but only time will tell.

Hopefully god comes back into my life because its been a while and i feel sad when i think of a life of with out God.

I don't understand my bad luck either.
I've never done drugs, i didnt drink till i was almost 20 and i don't really do it to get drunk,i don't womanize, i havent lost my virginity,i dont steal,i treat people with respect and kindness and i do every thing possible to be a good person and the only thing i want in life is to go to school and its amazing that kids now a-days want to drop out and do nothing.

All those dumb commercials with parents sending there kids to college, thats what i want!!!!
but my family is messed up in the head and its becoming less and less a possibility.

Hopefully it will change.

Until then, i gotta find a job somehow, keep writing,and try and be happy even though i haven't for a very long time.

I guess we'll see.

watch Josiah Gatlyn's part on THE BERRICS if you can.

It'll explode your brain.

Also "Funny People" was really funny and sad.
Adam Sandler play's a really good dying jerk and i actually felt bad most of the movie for Jonah Hill's character.

Its by far the most serious movie that Jonah has been apart of or most of the cast for that matter and i recommend it to everyone.


hmmmm,i dont know how i feel about this.


Thanks to www.brooklynprojects.com

I got a sneak peak at my favorite skate companies new products..... SHOES!?
i Heard this rumor a while ago but did'nt really believe it at first but i guess its confirmed.

Im really torn on this cause i used to love Habitat until ironically it was bought by the one snowboard company i hate....BURTON

But then again, i wear Nike sb's so im being a huge hypocrite when it comes to corporate companies in the business.

I still love Habitat but i haven't gotten one in over a year, im just trying out some other companies i guess.

The first look sick though, but thats cause there just the Janoski's with a habitat logo, which i must say, i do like. i guess ill see them when they come out but until then im still buying Tributes and Roger skateboards. Id get a Reliance or Siren board but i can't find them anywhere around portland,so if someone see's Siren Or Reliance deck, let me know.

Hmmm, well ive been having this weird epiphany of sort, and now im going to NYC for my schooling and im actually quite happy with it.

It snows there,not everyones an actor unlike LA, there are seasons, theres a big irish community?,theres pizza,spiderman,mass-transit,small semi-cheap apartments and numerous other reasons why i like it over LA.

Whats funny is i have never even been to the east coast and i am most likely gonna be eaten up, but it'll make me a stronger person so i need this.

It is sad though, i wont get to hang out with my friends in la, but i guess they can always come to NYC.
sorry mooby.

I dont even know people in NY besides like 2 kids i went to high school with.
I want a new experience though and i wanna be on my own,away from my family and experience another side of the country. ive lived all over the west, so its time i try and live in the east. Plus i dont hate every sports team in NY unlike La,but thats really not saying much, They just have more teams that i dont care about.

It will be fun though and im very excited,so lets all hope i get a job at whole foods,work,then go to school and get on with ma life.

Oh yeah, my best friend since the first day of High-school moved back to Denver this past weekend


He needed a change though, Vancouver sucks so i dont blame him.

Ima fly out sometime this year to see the blazers beat the nuggets at the nuggets arena and its gonna be SIIIIIIICK.
Ill also skate the Denver park if its not snowing.

My lifes gonna get alot better soon,but until then i just gotta wait.


i may have a tear or two before,during, and after this comes out.

But it will be because my favorite book as a child has become a movie that will actually have given the source material justice.
Ive never been so excited for a movie, since i heard it was being filmed back in late 2006 and im very happy its coming out soon.

SO if people see this with me, don't make fun of me, if i do get a tear... its just my mind blowing up from happiness and since it's blowing up, liquid in my brain has no where to go except out my eyes.

Even the trailer gives me a tear everytime i see it....

oh well,im happy its coming out, and everyone will like it and if i say i like it too ill be an unoriginal person...oh wait, thats just certain peoples opinions.

Im gonna love this movie and it probably will be my favorite movie and im fine with that.

Anyways, D-9 comes out in a few weeks

and i know it will be good,but for all those halo fans out there who thought that Niell Blomkamp would direct the halo movie after, he isnt.
Its sad to hear but i think D-9 will still be an awesome movie.

Oh yeah!!!!! I went to the park yesterday, i saw sam,gabe and tyler, we started talking and then some lady was yelling at the bikers and we were like sweeeeet, a fight?
We went towards the bowl and for some-reason i dropped in just to carve around and id just go around and pop out again, well after i pumped the wave into the 10 foot my back truck did something weird and i pretty much got fkced up in less that a second. My left hand is swollen, my right leg/bum is bruised and sore and now i can barely walk.
I had been at the park for a total of 4 minutes before ending up going back home.
Bad day i guess.

Oh well, its hot out anyways. Maybe it was a horrible blessing in disguise, i guess ill see.

Nick also leaves on monday for Denver forever...so i gotta get outta bed sometime in the next day so we can do something.

Ill at-least fly out sometime this year and see a blazers game in Denver and watch them murder the Nuggets.WOOOOP.

Oh yeah, Im moving to NYC at the end of the year....DOPE!



can't be shown on my blog cause firstshowing.net's embedding sucks. SO WATCH IT HERE!
So i will definitely be first in line to see it.

And everyone has seen this but it's a good beat to start the day.
Even if it's 2:41 pm


About freaken time

grant taylor,alien workshop,skateboarding,pro,nike sb,atlanta

(hmmmmm 2:38 looks really familiar.....)




(so fkcin sick)

Hes technically on the same team as Lizard King now.

Check out there shop if your ever in LA. Its tight.


SO like,are you still on cal's too, compton?



In real life though, i just woke up, its 2:25, im making my sister make me lunch, she got a haircut and looks like a gogo dancer from 93. She barged in when i was asleep and scared me cause i didnt know who she was. it was scary.

anyways, ima go skate or look for a job or do something productive and have a nice day.
too bad its like 95 out. oh wells.

also check out this Etnies video



this looks fantasmic.

and its even got a viral website.

somedays i feel like i have no soul and then i just realize i live in the suburbs of portland and theres more to life then skatepark hood rats,fights,sleeping all day, zip-zinging everywhere,green grass and dumb people.

LA is gonna be sweet.

I may have a part in a short film if i can get down to la in a few weeks. so hopefully something good happens. :)


dang,i shoulda pursued Marine Biology like i wanted to do in 3rd grade.


Hopefully i become rich and do that for free time.


dayz in tha lyfe of local p+rtlandersss

gosh damn its hot out,so ive been watching youtube until i go out to the vans store and get that job.

since i haven't done anything productive but get fat and sweaty,ive been watching skate videos all day.

Lately ive been sucking at skating,because A. I dont skate enough B. im scared of breakin another hip.and C. i do just get lazy sometimes. But i should stop being a wuss or just buy a camera and be the "filmer" who doesnt skate.

but even filmers skate.

(best video ever)

they can even do sick kickflip nosemanny nollie heel's out.

BWALL kickflip nosemanny's from BWALL on Vimeo.


Another reason i dont skate good is because of all the injuries i get each day i do skate and it gets annoying buuuuut i should just cheer up and enjoy my youth.

Imagine going to Wallenberg 09 and almost switch bs flipping it and then a few days later, only to break your ankle trying the same thing.

(elliot is at :39)

sad but probably fun besides the ankle part.

Its hot out, i gotta shower and go to the mall. Ima go skate and get better and stop bein a pussy. maybe nollie heel back smith the hubba in my dreams,and drink a smoothie.

Also if your in Portland tonight you should go see ARCHEOLOGY for free at Mississippi Pizza in Portland.

yeee,i need to update this thing more with not as much skate stuff.oh wells.




"Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt"

HOly gosh this movies hillarious. I almost threw up and was crying at one part of the movie and it was the funniest yet most grotesque thing ive ever seen. hahaha
it was so damn funny.

I went and saw it with fat jamo,john and sam. I had a weird depressing breakdown before the movie and i was stressed out and went home and on my way home there was 10 cops going down McGillvary and i was like oh SHIIIT! my neighbor finally went crazy and killed his family.But fortunately that wasnt the case. I stopped being sad,went back to the theatres and we walked in and literally everyone knew jamo and were loving him for some weird reason and it was ridiculous how many kids from my old church were there.
It was kinda ironic.
(People love Him for a reason god doesnt even know)

The movie was so funny though,ive never laughed so hard,yet felt like throwing up at the same time in my life,and this happened multiple times in the movie.

I never knew imaginary oral sex could be so damn disgusting yet funny and the tv show he creates has the funniest and random and gross ending ever.

Its funny as hell and i recommend everyone see it unless your uncomfortable with your sexuality or a redneck or have no humorous emotion or go to westboro baptist church,or hate austrians..

so funny though

yeah, so i guess before the movie i over heard a girl talking about those cops and i guess a guy was in a highspeed chase and he got on the freeway and ended up flipping and i guess it was crazy. this was all by my house too,crazy and as we left the theatre jamo was introduced to some "BROS" by random chicks he knows and if he didnt have us as friends he would most definately be the coolest kid in vancouver.

I also heard Alex Shannyhan got burnt really bad so i feel bad for her and hopefully she gets better soon cause that really sucks. I think ill make her a sharpie painting or something.

Feel better ALex!

well good movie, the night was better that when it started, i got to eat du's today so that was nice, so now ima sleep and wake up, search for a job and go to the park. Maybe ever take a run. I feel like im getting fat. : /



Jon Humphries at missionG.com

and Nigel Alexander

Even though its all about Chaz Ortiz its still interesting to see it from the filmers/photographers position and Jon Humphries is a Portland icon.

Epicly Laterd is still the best skate documentary series online and i suggest everyone check it out at VBS.TV or the blog at epiclylaterd.com

ima go mow my lawn and maybe skate?
im tired


i wanna/NEED to go back to EUROPE!

and meet a nice french girl and skate all these spots.
GERMANY looks so sick,i wish i still lived there now.
im gonna go back soon.

:) stéphanie sokolinski(french chick)...

my tonsils are nasty,i would show pics,but no camera right now, I wish i had some apples to eat and i just got done watching Return To Sleep Away Camp and its hellarious.

except this was the OG Sleep Away Camp.now fast forward 20 years, with a mean fat kid, a stereotypical mean black girl,Issaic Hayes as a chef, skinned frogs, a dead Soprano and very bad yet funny acting. WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES!! the first one has an amazingly funny and somewhat disturbing ending.

i should sleep.

but i slept all day.

OH! road trip to DENVER at the end of the month with Nick and Adan,so that should be fun. I need a vacation.....and a job.


MICHAEL JACKSONS GHOST!!! oh yeahhhh its july 4th too

Watch at 8:22!


im really lazy and dont wanna write but have a good july 4th and do something fun cause i probably wont.
i wish smart guy was still on disney.



silas,baxter neal,adidas,tribute,skateboards

tonsils are swollen brah

There hella messed up and i hope to go to the hospital soon to see whats wrong with me. Since i can barely talk and i dont want to do anything ive sat at home watching youtube videos on my laptop while tanning on top of my roof.Ive watched over 17,000 youtube videos on my account alone and this is probably a reason i dont have a girlfriend or job. ill get both someday. Lately ive been watching videos on everything from the la riots (those koreans are so BAD-ASS!) to the crazy gay haters at Westboro Baptist Church 2012 videos,which theres millions of and i dont wanna post a video cause shiiit,there all the same in the end, and ive been listening to alot of CocoRosie ive literally watched eveything on youtube and i need a life. BUT KEYBOARD CAT IS JUST SO CUTE! and makes everything awesome."FUCK yooooO" lolz
i even found a video of Obama hating on people.

so ive watched youtube videos and my life is passing by and i havent even worked on my script in a while. Its getting sad. I need to get out of my house and do something but my mouth hurts alot and its also 1000 degrees outside. My face has a good glow though so maybe i should keep that up. Ill try and get outside and do something and ill call one of you special friends to go do something and if i dont get out of my house its because the new EPICLY LATER'D episode premiered and its about the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TOUR!!! which just happened to stop here in Portland

YEEEE,i need a life. Hopefully there hiring at wesc for the summer :)?
ohhh snaps i just got a myspace comment from Jimmy VIA MYSPACE MOBILE!.
gosh i suck