uhhhhh transmorphers.

so transformers 2. THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL that only really took 600 days to see after the first one premiered last night and i got my ticket to cinetopia. I got the last ticket out of 251 after i traded my other ticket which was in a different theatre at cinetopia so i could sit with my friends. IT was packed. Every room was sold out and i made dereks friend holli sneak in candy. we got kicked out of the line earlier because we couldnt have green teas in line even though we were waiting for 3 hours for the movie premiered.

anyways,we got in,dereks "gal friend" got me candy,i ate all there popcorn, i got really thirsty and i was in a row with like 100 kids who were a grade below me. Eugene B was sitting next to me and he was my go to guy for whatever the hell was happening on screen cause really,i only knew like 8 transformers and there was 47 in the movie. The movie starts and the trailers begin. After a few good trailers NEW MOON comes on and i yell WOOOO and literally 247 people,excluding my friends all look at me and start booing and yelling at me and i heard someone call me names.

I woulda fought them though, but i kept my cool and the movie played.
i wont ruin anything for you but its 2 and half hours of just explosions and hot chicks and robots. The visuals were amazing, the story not so much. But as a summer blockbuster and a michael bay film, it was made just for entertainment and i found it rather entertaining.

I found it funny though that the only thing i could think about the first hour of the movie was how un-realistic his college was. THeres no way there would be that many slutty, yet good looking girls in his astronomy class and i guess i just hate that cliche. His parents were really funny in the movie and the robots were sick and i liked that optimus wasnt such a pussy in this as he was in the first. HE HELLA OWNED some robots. I give it a 6.5 out of 10 but i recommend seeing it atleast once because the visuals are amazing and megan fox was pretty good looking but shes no emily browning.

but yeeea,its worth seeing.

also,i wrote a review over at first showing.net and im the tenth comment. READ ALL thE HAtE MAiL towards me after i commented. its hella funny.


ima get outta bed,eat some apples and go skate!

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