i cried.

after watching this movie tonight.

im not all too embarassed about it because if i was,i wouldnt be blogging about it.
its a beautiful movie thats 2 hours long about love and paris.
its 18 short stories in 1 movie and there loosely connected.
i teared up because it was real i guess.Every short story,whether it was about losing a child or being a fucking mime in love,being alone in paris at the age of 40 or becoming a vampire,It was truely amazing.every short was brilliant and there are a ton of amazing actors who are directed by 18 amazing directors,even nick nolte is in this,go watch it.
but since i mentioned vampires,i just watched the best vampire movie of all time a few days ago and its now one of my top 5 favorite movies.

is so fucking amazing.especially since its off of a book and its from sweden.somehow they came up with something beautiful and realistic to a point even though its about a 12 year old boy in love with a 12 year vampire.
its loving,its brutal,its bloody,its cute,its amazing.the end is insane too.
ive always been a fan of foreign films and ive noticed that i love french movies,Amelie,the film i just watched tonight,the dreamers,high tension,alot of others,they just know how to make amazing films, but it just seems like everyone besides the US knows how to make movies with feeling.(except those horrible canadian films with the lifetime channel film stock.lolz,those movies suck instantely just because of the film they use).Dont get me wrong,there is alot of good movies that come from here but it seems like we are too focused on repeating the same story,making remakes or just bringing books or comics to life and only caring about money.
People want to see movies that make them feel some emotion and thats why i watch movies and write all night. I want to go to La and make a name for myself and be involved with movies that change peoples lives.Im not trying to sound cocky or try and be better then the person reading this,but ive had a dream of being an actor and writer since i was young kid and since i want to be a part of good movies instead of just getting laid and getting money i feel like i have a chance.I dont want to be famous.I just want to be respected and i pray that i can do something with my life by changing people through cinema.
so yeah.
dreams are real,theres no reason you shouldnt do what you want to do,just do it for the right reasons and not because of the money,fame,girls,crazy times,do it for you.

i think i also teared up,fuck it,i cried,because the title of the movie literally means
Paris,i love you.
and the entire movie was about love. and im sitting alone in my room and im 20 and haven't really experienced a real relationship(i did i guess,but i was 15,and i guess i thought i was in love but i just really,reallllly liked this girl who actually gave me an ulcer when i was 16 cause i was too afraid to talk to her).im not mad about it.its just weird i guess.im just lonely at times,when all my friends have someone to talk too or hang out and watch movies with or do any of that cliche romantic stuff but i want that.its just so insane that kids i went to highschool with are either getting knocked up or getting married and i cant even talk to a girl cause i stumble my words or squeak or fall down clumsily or just stay as a friends. Whether i know the girl now,or ill meet her in the future,i'm bound to fall in love someday.Maybe ill get Rosetta Stone and learn french,because i'm falling in love with the girls there,but same with australian chicks. Until then though, life is just a series of weird,awkward,funny,emotional,hard and awesome moments that will lead to something amazing. :D

THIs short made me happy.(the audio is amazingly well done.turn up your speakers)

This short made me happy and sad.

this made me fuckin ball.

thats only 3 of 18 amazing shorts.
watch the movie if you have the chance.
i get to attached to movies,but thats why there made,so i'm not embarassed.



this looks verrry interesting
it could be a viral marketing campain/or it could just be demo reel but
its very reminiscent of half-life and i love that series.
if this is a demo reel,then this is very impressive and if this was a demo reel for an upcoming movie,the special effects would be even better and that means it would be fkcin tight.
i just pray,if they do make this into a half-life movie,that its just like the game and nothing is changed at all.
Thats what makes movie games suck.
but if it does become a movie and follows the rules that no one follows by staying true to its roots.
i would be a very happy kid!
and at 1:19
on the words scrolling by you can read "largest single collapse in history since black mesa"
which is completely a half-life reference.
im a nerd
oh well.
i dont give a fuuuhhhck.
zipzingers are the greatest invention since wendys chicken go wraps.
and james should take up freelance photography as a career
and nick has good nosegrinds.
i need to get better at skating.
i hope its dry tommorow.

(courtesy of james alby)
my birthday is in 3 days
i'm old.


2 movies i reallly wanna see!

They finally released the poster for Where The Wild Things Are and im very happy because there has been so much hype and controversy surrounding the movie.
Heres some stuff that hypes it up.(photos are somewhat cut because of photobucket?)
YES.those are GIRL skateboards.
This was the one of two first production stills
and here is the test footage screened at a theatre for kids and adults and this caused some "controversy"because kids got scared and Warner Bros was pissed and wanted to reshoot the whole film

Well i dont know what has happened,but i love spike jonez and the poster looks alot like the test footage.
Im sure its gonna be tight.


THE captain of the boat is Gunnar Hansen
HE PLAYED THE LEATHERFACE in the original texas chainsaw massacre.
This looks interesting,because the greatest thing to come out of Iceland is Bjork,Sigur Ros,Leif Erickson(my great great great great like 5 more greats grandpa)
and thats honestly about it.
Its about time we get a horror film.
PLUS it looks like that asian guy gets shot with a HARPOOON!!!!


way to long in fact
im back
no one reads this really my number one fan KATIE and im sure james did when i posted stuff
but im sure other kids do when i post it in a bulletin or something
but first thing i gotta say is
im almost 20
my birthday is next week
im still stuck in this fucking horrible city called vancouver,wa after i moved in with my parents again
i have all these dreams and goals in my life and i cant go get on with them because i dont start school till' june
i pray i get a cosigner so i can actually go.
i love my friends here but this is ridiculous.
im not gonna spend my life working a job i hate and not have a degree in anything and spend my free time at the local skatepark.
everyones way to negative
everyone complains about things
no ones ever happy
im sure im completely contradicting myself by bitching about this but im sick of saying something or posting something or showing something that i like and getting stupid replies and answers back
it sounds gay
but shit if you have nothing nice to say
dont say it
its not hard to do
say it to someone else.im way to happy of a person to hear about what your problems and complaints are about something.
if you like something i say,then say it. if you dont,do whatever.
we all have opinions
we all have likes and dislikes,but no one is better,cooler,greater then anyone else
were all human
we all have problems in the world but try,try,TRY and be happy.
dont be negative towards every little thing
im a hipocrite yes, but i dont go around every single minute of everyday bitching about stuff.
except people bitching and my life here.
blogging is so dumb too,all it is,is your opinions on things.i dont understand why people like to read this shit.
who cares.
i dont know what im honestly saying because im just going on a rant.
i just have this feeling im gonna have a great life and in ten years alot of people that i know will be doing the same thing and it makes me sad.
thats if the world doesnt end in 2012...but
thats all i have to say.
and if you heard about tayler appelo,help out with the fundraising thats gonna go down.
its fucked up what happened and i pray he gets better soon. I dont know him. ive met his brother a few times when i used to go to lennys,i dont hang out with those group of skateboarders but i feel sad because it could happen to anyone of the skateboarders or people in the city. Portland is getting bigger and more dangerous and its just surreal cause i used to life 3 stops from that stop on the max and it honestly could of happened to me at any time.
it sucks.
i hope he gets better
im gonna try and help out in any way i can,even in this horrible economy where i cant get any money because i cant get a job but i want to try and help prevent shit like this because this was senseless and im fed up with senseless acts of violence.
too many people are getting hurt or killed in parts of the world for no reason and we need to stop acting like this and BE loving and care about eachother.