fkcin crackhead pt 2 i guess

so i read a comment from james alby that said
"hey duuuude im gay lolz"
no he didnt say that
im just tired
and rude
but he wanted to know the full story about that crackhead who took my money
this is the insanely retarted story

*cough cough*

so sunday i was moving out of my holocaust sized apartment in downtown portand and was packing and cleaning for a majority of the day.
i got two tea's and even starbucks! from my mum
but i dont drink coffee,just the smoothie shake mcjinglemcbob's
and so i drank till my hearts content

as the day drew on, the rain was falling and i was a little sad about me leaving
Mia stopped by to say goodbye before she headed off to work
we looked at my yearbook as i was packing it away and noticed alllll the chicks i could have had in highschool but i am too much of an idiot to have done anything.

stupid teen love infatuation

well she then left and i kept on drankin ma tea's.
a few hours later i kept hearing the buzzer at the front of the main door being buzzed and i was like fuuuuuuck ill see who it was and this crazy looking black guy with no teeth and air jordans from 96' was at the door. i should had known it was a bad idea, but im stupid so i invited him in. He said he was looking for a kid in room 109 and i said he was gone,because im in 101 and i smell the weed that kid smokes from down the hall and i hadnt smelled it for a while.

he then said

Well im with the art institute and we give out free money for college students to play these stupid ass games
i saw money so i was like ohhh sweeet dude, yeah come into my nice fkcin apartment cause im retarted mind you
.He had a binder of paper with fake signatures or signatures of students from psu and ghetto ads of a new verizon phone. he asked if i wanted a phone and i said nah brah i got a blackberry so the money he talked about was what i was foccused on.

we played some games like me drinking water in 30 seconds and i won 5 dollars and i was like fuck dude, really this is easy.
i should have quit. i made like 7 dollars and then the sketchy guy said hey i have a few other students hanging out at the governor hotel the next block down. lets play this game and you will win 300 dollars. As things wore on all i could see was money and i thought everything was legit because im gullable and nice and i thought the school was actually paying this man to do this.

Before we left we played this game with 3 caps and a piece of paper where i had to watch the paper and see what cap it was under. Before the first game he took out a bottle of cologne and used the cap from that bottle as a 3rd cap and left the bottle on the floor. we played the game and i won each time and so he said well make your bet and if you are right then you win 300

somehow, i dont know how, i ended up going to the hotel and withdrawing 120 dollars to make a bet that i was right, which i was. We agreed on which cap was the right one and i gave him the money. which shouldnt have been something to do in any situation. but i was fucking right and i was gonna win my money so i said ok here take my life savings pretty much and he took it. He flipped the cap and i said okay sweet i won, now can i have my money and before i could finish he was like ok now watch and started doing the cap thing really fast switching caps and making the paper go under each cap, you know like that retarted cup game. this is how ghetto this shit was and i bought into it. so im too nice of a person and i dont get angry and when i suddenly lost cause this fucker tricked me he said oh man you must be high or something and said he forgot his cologne in my room and that he would be back in 10 minutes.
he said i gotta go and walked out the door.

IT happened so fast that i was like wtf just happened. i went back to my room and looked at the cologne and said "wow, he is not coming back." and i yelled and punched my wall. i went back to the hotel and one of the people said they rarely see him and he told one of the guys that his name was patrick and the guy i was now talking to was named patrick.
the funny thing was, that the crackhead said his name was erik and when we met i said oh sweet so is mine.

pretty much i fucked up,felt bad for someone, got hustled and now i dont trust people.

it then started snowing as i was moving and i was like well maybe god has blessed with some snow so i can feel somewhat happy and then at fkcin 2 am in the hills of vancouver where i was hangin out at jamo's, it started to rain and melt.

Karma will catch up to him and he will get hit by a max and get raped by a crackhead.

if i see him i will get my money back somehow and prevent this from happening to other college students.

when you throw money in front of college students there going to react stupidly in sketchy situations because we are poor and need it
so thanks dude for preying on kids who go to school to get a career make a real living.

someday ill see you and kick you in the nuts

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  1. Hahahahaha, made my day. We need to hustle the hustler.