I woke up at 10 am because i spent the night at jamos after seeing the wrestler.
jamos family owns this comapny.
so i always eat free pizza and cookie dough

(prolly the gayest papa's commercial)
we watched wanted and i thought to myself that the matrix was more realistic,i ate more pizza,i woke up with what i assume is a hangover of carbohydrates and then went home.
i got home at 11 and asked to get a ride to the park and my dad said i could go up when he gets back from costco,he said he would be back at 1:30,2 at the latest.
he got home at 330
i was mad but i forgave him, i got to the park. i was cold and tired. and then within 5 minutes,i was in a game of skate with sam, a board flew at me and blew up my foot.
if you skate a small park you know what im talking about.
shane, whos hella tight and good and has a nice Jetta, kicked out and hit me in the foot.
i yelled in agony as the cold and pain rushed through my senses and i just laid down and started hating life more.
i have nothing to really hate, but i always get hurt doing the most stupid shit, that its retarted.
like when i broke my hip cause i hit a pebble
bob saget
(circa 2004)
so i layed there and shane apologized but not before he said the one thing i hate most.
" THats what you get for being a kings fan"
he is in fact a lakers fan and we had discussed our disgust for one anothers team earlier this week.
i said fuck the lakers, i hate youuuuuuu.
but then i said no, just the lakers, and then he laughed and then kickflipped back tail slid the ledge as i laid in pain.
what a stupid injury too
now my foot is totally bruised on the inside of my left foot below the big toe.
such a random spot too
oh wells.
now that im bed ridden for the night
ive been playing skate 2

and ill prolly watch a movie
and ill end up talking about that movie in a bulletin.
well goodnight till then

pee ├ęS

go see the wrestler
you will cry!
requiem is still darren aronofskys best film by far
but thats just my opinion
and there like kittens


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  1. Haha. Shaun Penn has best actor for Milk in pretty much every awards ceremony. Which is probably what will happen at the Oscars if it hasn't already. Damn time travel.