this looks verrry interesting
it could be a viral marketing campain/or it could just be demo reel but
its very reminiscent of half-life and i love that series.
if this is a demo reel,then this is very impressive and if this was a demo reel for an upcoming movie,the special effects would be even better and that means it would be fkcin tight.
i just pray,if they do make this into a half-life movie,that its just like the game and nothing is changed at all.
Thats what makes movie games suck.
but if it does become a movie and follows the rules that no one follows by staying true to its roots.
i would be a very happy kid!
and at 1:19
on the words scrolling by you can read "largest single collapse in history since black mesa"
which is completely a half-life reference.
im a nerd
oh well.
i dont give a fuuuhhhck.
zipzingers are the greatest invention since wendys chicken go wraps.
and james should take up freelance photography as a career
and nick has good nosegrinds.
i need to get better at skating.
i hope its dry tommorow.

(courtesy of james alby)
my birthday is in 3 days
i'm old.

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  1. youre not old..cuz that means im old and im not old. i miss you..like the sun misses the flower..lol..thats from a nights tale haha :) but i do miss you.

    and who is that in that picture?