way to long in fact
im back
no one reads this really my number one fan KATIE and im sure james did when i posted stuff
but im sure other kids do when i post it in a bulletin or something
but first thing i gotta say is
im almost 20
my birthday is next week
im still stuck in this fucking horrible city called vancouver,wa after i moved in with my parents again
i have all these dreams and goals in my life and i cant go get on with them because i dont start school till' june
i pray i get a cosigner so i can actually go.
i love my friends here but this is ridiculous.
im not gonna spend my life working a job i hate and not have a degree in anything and spend my free time at the local skatepark.
everyones way to negative
everyone complains about things
no ones ever happy
im sure im completely contradicting myself by bitching about this but im sick of saying something or posting something or showing something that i like and getting stupid replies and answers back
it sounds gay
but shit if you have nothing nice to say
dont say it
its not hard to do
say it to someone else.im way to happy of a person to hear about what your problems and complaints are about something.
if you like something i say,then say it. if you dont,do whatever.
we all have opinions
we all have likes and dislikes,but no one is better,cooler,greater then anyone else
were all human
we all have problems in the world but try,try,TRY and be happy.
dont be negative towards every little thing
im a hipocrite yes, but i dont go around every single minute of everyday bitching about stuff.
except people bitching and my life here.
blogging is so dumb too,all it is,is your opinions on things.i dont understand why people like to read this shit.
who cares.
i dont know what im honestly saying because im just going on a rant.
i just have this feeling im gonna have a great life and in ten years alot of people that i know will be doing the same thing and it makes me sad.
thats if the world doesnt end in 2012...but
thats all i have to say.
and if you heard about tayler appelo,help out with the fundraising thats gonna go down.
its fucked up what happened and i pray he gets better soon. I dont know him. ive met his brother a few times when i used to go to lennys,i dont hang out with those group of skateboarders but i feel sad because it could happen to anyone of the skateboarders or people in the city. Portland is getting bigger and more dangerous and its just surreal cause i used to life 3 stops from that stop on the max and it honestly could of happened to me at any time.
it sucks.
i hope he gets better
im gonna try and help out in any way i can,even in this horrible economy where i cant get any money because i cant get a job but i want to try and help prevent shit like this because this was senseless and im fed up with senseless acts of violence.
too many people are getting hurt or killed in parts of the world for no reason and we need to stop acting like this and BE loving and care about eachother.

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