i wanna smack Perez Hilton in the face because if i punched him,then im a woman beater.

fuck Perez Hilton.
hes such a hypocrite.
Pretty much he called a girl a cunt on his stupid ass website after he was a judge at the Miss America(not that i watched it...) because she was asked by him if gay marriage should be legal since he was one of the judges.
she said no,and that it should be between a man or a woman.
this is America,we can say what we want,so why did she end up losing?
because of her answer and his "feelings"were hurt.

DO i agree with her answer. Yes and NO. she shouldnt have to lie to try and win.She was perfectly honest and for that,she should have been acknowledged for speaking her mind . I actually dont really care,if you wanna be gay and get married,go for it. It'll probably suck like alot of dysfunctional marriages but it is probably really cool to if your significant other is the one you truely love.
so why not get married?
marriage shouldnt be between man or woman, marriage is based on love and love is between humans.
go for it,i honestly have nothing against it.
I believe in God and i highly doubt your gonna burn in hell just because you like another dude,who cares,that means there more girls in the world for womanizers and polygamists...which deserve to go to hell.so maybe i'm completely contradicting myself.
oh well.
im a hypocrite.
we all are.
And if your a girl who likes other girls,now you can be friends with both sexes.
im sure lesbians are hella sweeeet cause they could help you get a girlfriend and at the same time play xbox and watch basketball with you.

If i ever meet perez,which i'm highly sure i will someday,ill call him out on everything he says. Hes a nobody,hes just a former really fat gay guy who is semi-fat now who sat on his computer all day and talked shit about people. Why do people read it?
But then again,who honestly reads this.
Were all hypocrites and we all speak our mind but we should'nt be called names or lose things just because of our own beliefs.
was it right? probably not
but neither was the question being asked.

its my opinion but i honestly dont like him.

Atleast the girl who lost is making alot more headlines then the chick who won who is from north carolina
i watch too much news!
im turning old.
oh wells

today was a good day,woke up at 2:30
went to my old work with adan and nick.
saw some old co-workers
went to the park
went to maple crest box where nick did a sick noseslide down the hubba
came back to the park
played streetball and beat adan at skate and one on one
ICELAND straight murdered MEXICO
all in all
a good day
blazers party thingy majig at fat jamos tommorow night!!!

even if he doesnt want you too come.

p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s i just edited this,im not going to jamos.
im going to dan deacon at the wonderballroom with nick lund and james.



  1. Anyone ignorant enough to believe that it should be between a man and a woman shouldn't be allowed to win anything. Close minded people like that shouldn't have the right to say anything because they're the reason why we can't have nice things.

    She didn't have to lie to win. But what she said is the same as the following:

    "Should black people have to drink out of nasty water fountains, go to poorer schools and not be allowed into our super awesome diners?"

    "Uuuuh. To be completely HONEST, yeah, like, they shouldn't be coming into our schools and drinking out of our water with their dirty big lips, because, like, I was raised to believe that "niggers" aren't like us and obviously don't belong in our society. They should be slaves and have no absolute rights."

    See, if this was the 50's, she would get some applause from a lot of ignorant people like herself. Just like in this. Everyone should be treated equally and anyone who thinks otherwise should shut the fuck up.

  2. haha james is right that's exactly how i explain it to people but a lot of them don't see it like that yet. discrimination is discrimination. whether it's based on sexual preference, skin color, religion, or fucking dick length, it's wrong.