new post like a week late.i suck.who cares

frostons on the sw00sh?
i guess it makes sense.
he is a giant celeb in the business,nike can pay him alot more.
its cool i guess,but in a way im kinda sad about it.i love nike sb but there just getting to big.sigh,ill probably start skating vans again or maybe try etnies.i guess ill see what happens.you never know,he could just be testing them out to see how he likes em but by the look of it,it seems official.
if you look in the way back too,i think its compton.

compton from eriKeating on Vimeo.
this is him,i filmed this in november.
it was tight.

damn,lately ive been feeling really depressed.the sun is out,well not right now,its actually cold and cloudy but the last few days it was sunny and i just layed around miserable.i dont try to be,but im just stressed.
im trying to go to school this july,i have no job,i need a cosigner,my mums in alabama,i keep getting hurt skating,i feel like i broke my thumb,gta is pissing me off because it froze and didnt save a mission and i flipped out.
gosh,so much dumb stuff.
i also watched Begotten and since then i went down this spiral of depression.
its fkcin twisted and depressing.
i dare you to watch the first 10 minutes.
it makes cup chicks look like a romantic comedy.
its not that its gross,which it kind of is,but its more just visually disturbing.

pretty much god kills himself with a straightrazor,mother earth pops out of him and pretty much gets his child juice in a particular fashion and impreganates herself and gives birth to what is supposed to be jesus.He is born into a desolate world of depression and death and theres cannibals running amok.
:) cool right?
fuck no.


watch it,and tell me what you honestly felt like when you watched it.

its just weird

well,im trying to be happier.
im not "emo"
im just going through a semi-mid-life crisis at 20 and soon ill be in la going to school so i shouldnt worry.
i just wish i didnt have to wait.
oh wells.

p.s. im goin on a mofkcin grapefruit diet.

p.s.s. im on twitter if you didnt know.but i doubt you kids care:?
:?equals question mark face.he looks confused.?

p.s.s.s. james,ill give u your dang polaroid when i go to the park next.ma bad.

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