dayz in tha lyfe of local p+rtlandersss

gosh damn its hot out,so ive been watching youtube until i go out to the vans store and get that job.

since i haven't done anything productive but get fat and sweaty,ive been watching skate videos all day.

Lately ive been sucking at skating,because A. I dont skate enough B. im scared of breakin another hip.and C. i do just get lazy sometimes. But i should stop being a wuss or just buy a camera and be the "filmer" who doesnt skate.

but even filmers skate.

(best video ever)

they can even do sick kickflip nosemanny nollie heel's out.

BWALL kickflip nosemanny's from BWALL on Vimeo.


Another reason i dont skate good is because of all the injuries i get each day i do skate and it gets annoying buuuuut i should just cheer up and enjoy my youth.

Imagine going to Wallenberg 09 and almost switch bs flipping it and then a few days later, only to break your ankle trying the same thing.

(elliot is at :39)

sad but probably fun besides the ankle part.

Its hot out, i gotta shower and go to the mall. Ima go skate and get better and stop bein a pussy. maybe nollie heel back smith the hubba in my dreams,and drink a smoothie.

Also if your in Portland tonight you should go see ARCHEOLOGY for free at Mississippi Pizza in Portland.

yeee,i need to update this thing more with not as much skate stuff.oh wells.

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