hmmmm,i dont know how i feel about this.


Thanks to www.brooklynprojects.com

I got a sneak peak at my favorite skate companies new products..... SHOES!?
i Heard this rumor a while ago but did'nt really believe it at first but i guess its confirmed.

Im really torn on this cause i used to love Habitat until ironically it was bought by the one snowboard company i hate....BURTON

But then again, i wear Nike sb's so im being a huge hypocrite when it comes to corporate companies in the business.

I still love Habitat but i haven't gotten one in over a year, im just trying out some other companies i guess.

The first look sick though, but thats cause there just the Janoski's with a habitat logo, which i must say, i do like. i guess ill see them when they come out but until then im still buying Tributes and Roger skateboards. Id get a Reliance or Siren board but i can't find them anywhere around portland,so if someone see's Siren Or Reliance deck, let me know.

Hmmm, well ive been having this weird epiphany of sort, and now im going to NYC for my schooling and im actually quite happy with it.

It snows there,not everyones an actor unlike LA, there are seasons, theres a big irish community?,theres pizza,spiderman,mass-transit,small semi-cheap apartments and numerous other reasons why i like it over LA.

Whats funny is i have never even been to the east coast and i am most likely gonna be eaten up, but it'll make me a stronger person so i need this.

It is sad though, i wont get to hang out with my friends in la, but i guess they can always come to NYC.
sorry mooby.

I dont even know people in NY besides like 2 kids i went to high school with.
I want a new experience though and i wanna be on my own,away from my family and experience another side of the country. ive lived all over the west, so its time i try and live in the east. Plus i dont hate every sports team in NY unlike La,but thats really not saying much, They just have more teams that i dont care about.

It will be fun though and im very excited,so lets all hope i get a job at whole foods,work,then go to school and get on with ma life.

Oh yeah, my best friend since the first day of High-school moved back to Denver this past weekend


He needed a change though, Vancouver sucks so i dont blame him.

Ima fly out sometime this year to see the blazers beat the nuggets at the nuggets arena and its gonna be SIIIIIIICK.
Ill also skate the Denver park if its not snowing.

My lifes gonna get alot better soon,but until then i just gotta wait.

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  1. Dude,thos look pretty legit.Id skate the lows.Reminds me of the chukka lows