tonsils are swollen brah

There hella messed up and i hope to go to the hospital soon to see whats wrong with me. Since i can barely talk and i dont want to do anything ive sat at home watching youtube videos on my laptop while tanning on top of my roof.Ive watched over 17,000 youtube videos on my account alone and this is probably a reason i dont have a girlfriend or job. ill get both someday. Lately ive been watching videos on everything from the la riots (those koreans are so BAD-ASS!) to the crazy gay haters at Westboro Baptist Church 2012 videos,which theres millions of and i dont wanna post a video cause shiiit,there all the same in the end, and ive been listening to alot of CocoRosie ive literally watched eveything on youtube and i need a life. BUT KEYBOARD CAT IS JUST SO CUTE! and makes everything awesome."FUCK yooooO" lolz
i even found a video of Obama hating on people.

so ive watched youtube videos and my life is passing by and i havent even worked on my script in a while. Its getting sad. I need to get out of my house and do something but my mouth hurts alot and its also 1000 degrees outside. My face has a good glow though so maybe i should keep that up. Ill try and get outside and do something and ill call one of you special friends to go do something and if i dont get out of my house its because the new EPICLY LATER'D episode premiered and its about the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TOUR!!! which just happened to stop here in Portland

YEEEE,i need a life. Hopefully there hiring at wesc for the summer :)?
ohhh snaps i just got a myspace comment from Jimmy VIA MYSPACE MOBILE!.
gosh i suck

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