i may have a tear or two before,during, and after this comes out.

But it will be because my favorite book as a child has become a movie that will actually have given the source material justice.
Ive never been so excited for a movie, since i heard it was being filmed back in late 2006 and im very happy its coming out soon.

SO if people see this with me, don't make fun of me, if i do get a tear... its just my mind blowing up from happiness and since it's blowing up, liquid in my brain has no where to go except out my eyes.

Even the trailer gives me a tear everytime i see it....

oh well,im happy its coming out, and everyone will like it and if i say i like it too ill be an unoriginal person...oh wait, thats just certain peoples opinions.

Im gonna love this movie and it probably will be my favorite movie and im fine with that.

Anyways, D-9 comes out in a few weeks

and i know it will be good,but for all those halo fans out there who thought that Niell Blomkamp would direct the halo movie after, he isnt.
Its sad to hear but i think D-9 will still be an awesome movie.

Oh yeah!!!!! I went to the park yesterday, i saw sam,gabe and tyler, we started talking and then some lady was yelling at the bikers and we were like sweeeeet, a fight?
We went towards the bowl and for some-reason i dropped in just to carve around and id just go around and pop out again, well after i pumped the wave into the 10 foot my back truck did something weird and i pretty much got fkced up in less that a second. My left hand is swollen, my right leg/bum is bruised and sore and now i can barely walk.
I had been at the park for a total of 4 minutes before ending up going back home.
Bad day i guess.

Oh well, its hot out anyways. Maybe it was a horrible blessing in disguise, i guess ill see.

Nick also leaves on monday for Denver forever...so i gotta get outta bed sometime in the next day so we can do something.

Ill at-least fly out sometime this year and see a blazers game in Denver and watch them murder the Nuggets.WOOOOP.

Oh yeah, Im moving to NYC at the end of the year....DOPE!

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