i wanna/NEED to go back to EUROPE!

and meet a nice french girl and skate all these spots.
GERMANY looks so sick,i wish i still lived there now.
im gonna go back soon.

:) stéphanie sokolinski(french chick)...

my tonsils are nasty,i would show pics,but no camera right now, I wish i had some apples to eat and i just got done watching Return To Sleep Away Camp and its hellarious.

except this was the OG Sleep Away Camp.now fast forward 20 years, with a mean fat kid, a stereotypical mean black girl,Issaic Hayes as a chef, skinned frogs, a dead Soprano and very bad yet funny acting. WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES!! the first one has an amazingly funny and somewhat disturbing ending.

i should sleep.

but i slept all day.

OH! road trip to DENVER at the end of the month with Nick and Adan,so that should be fun. I need a vacation.....and a job.

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